At Ultrascape, our talented landscape designers and contractors in Rotorua have experience in making your garden a work of art using natural materials like stone, soil and boulder landscaping. This is all a part of our earthworks landscaping services. Our friendly team of local landscapers can help you create just what you envisioned for an upgraded outdoor space!


Utilising natural materials

When undergoing an earthworks project, we aim to find what will naturally fit your property and the style of your home. We can change the shape of your garden or land and make forms by using natural elements like rocks, soil or trees. This can be done subtly through installing a stone path throughout your garden or a more significant change with the creation of a natural retaining wall, installing a fire pit, or a water feature.

We choose materials that will seamlessly upgrade your outdoor space. Our strong relationship with our suppliers enables us to source many custom materials and supplies that would normally be difficult to source.

From Design To Execution

No matter what you are looking for, we will be there from the initial concept through to the final execution, working alongside you to achieve your vision and style. Here are just some of the earthworks projects you may wish to consider in your outdoor space:


  • Outdoor pergola
  • New deck
  • Natural retaining wall
  • Water feature
  • Natural walkway or patio
  • Pool landscaping