Site Preparation

At Ultrascape we offer a variety of landscaping services, including site preparation. With site preparation we look at your current landscape and start developing a landscape plan that will include a layout of your outdoor area and where certain elements will work best.


Creating a strong foundation

Before we can turn your outdoor landscape into a haven for you and your family to relax and entertain in, we need to expertly plan and organise a strong foundation for your future modern garden design. This is done through site preparation.
Once your garden has been professionally planned by our team, whereby earthworks, fencing, and other landscape management has been planned, then we can prepare your site by clearing, levelling and soil building where necessary.

Irrigation Installation

Irrigation installation is essential for the upkeep and maintenance of lawns, gardens and custom landscapes. A custom irrigation system will ensure that water is reaching all the necessary spaces of your landscape, helping it to stay lush and healthy. Modern landscape design and professional landscaping expertise is needed to ensure your irrigation system is expertly installed so no unnecessary water is wasted.


Site Preparation